Avatar Engineering Corporation, the NPD Professional
Focused on providing innovative and cost-effective solutions in Design & Development

Electrical, Software, and Mechanical Engineering
  • Precision analog instrumentation for medical & measurement applications
  • Sensor interface circuits & data acquisition, Optical control devices
  • Digital hard logic & embedded controller design
  • Switch mode power supplies (SMPS) for fixed, mobile or handheld applications
  • LV & HV DC-DC, PFC AC-DC, DC-AC inverters, Single & 3 ph sources
  • Digital Amplifiers, MRI Gradient Amplifiers, Class D audio & motor drives
  • Power protection & distribution systems (PDU)
  • RF Amplifiers & Muxes, Radio-based controllers
  • Fuel Cell and Solar (PV) power conversion, High Efficiency (97%+)
  • Battery chargers & conditioners, electronic lighting controls, LED Drivers
  • Miniature panel meters and controls
  • PC, Network, and Web connectivity
Design Services
  • Compliance engineering, UL, CE, IEC, FDA, FCC, FAA, MIL, RoHS-WE
  • Industrial controls electrical design, layout and PLC programming
  • CAD/CAE schematics, PCB layout, Spice simulations
  • Magnetic component design of high-efficiency and
    high-frequency transformers & inductors
  • AC Line frequency, specialty steel lamination transformers
    with high volumetric efficiency
  • 3D Mechanical design; Plastics and Metals
  • Conceptual and ergonomics modeling
  • FEA analysis for shock and vibration
  • Thermal management of electronics and Efficiency analysis
NPD Pro Service for New Product Idea Analysis
  • Concept Evaluation
  • Product Fit & Business Planning
  • Cost Engineering & Return on Investment
  • Cash-Flow & Break-even Analysis
  • Inventory & Purchase Planning
  • Risk Mitigation & Management Reports
  • Production Planning
Need TurnKey Product?
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  • Plastics and Metal Tooling
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Compliance Testing & Certifications